I still stay at office doing some compilation on my industrial report after office hour. Besides, my dear still at KL for attending a important talk which offered by her company. Therefore, i only leave the office at about 8 o'clock. When i get my car,i founded that my car was out of battery.


Just block a security guard who pass nearby and ask him to help me push my car while i wish to try my secret technique as it will start all manual car.



Desperating and regreting - - Should off my light before leave my car

At the same time, a Naza Ria car is passed nearby, i blocked his car for assistance. So, he connected my car battery with his car battery with a jumper. After recharging my car for a few minutes, i can power on my car already.


I really appreciate and thanks Ahmad and the security guard's help.

Hope God always blessing kind peoples ^^

Note: Always double check that you have off your car light before leaving your car. If not , you will regret !