thanks to friend's comment...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

I have not updated my blog for a few day, but still have bloggers and friends always view my blog and support me, thanks to your guys' appreciation. Due to i still busy on my final exam, i have a little time to update my blog compared to last time. Anyway, after exam, i will be an active blogger again. Again, thanks to your guys' support.

Hope i get flying colour result in my final exam!


whole day reading books...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Tomorrow is the start of first subject, Relationship of Ethnic. Although i already read through the books several times, but i seems have to put more efforts on it. Haiz... it is not easy to remember all the facts and also we are the second badge for taking the subject. Therefore, we are still new to the subject format and wonder what kind of question may comes out. Just hoping i can do all the question in my final exam and get a flying color results for all subjects.


Recently, my friend said why your blog also include such small incident, my reason is just want to learning write better blog. In fact, i also realized that my blog actually not consist of contents that will attract many peoples come to read, but i just want to write the blog for me and not really for earning money or promoting products. Furthermore, i just a part time blogger, sometimes i also no time to update my blog even visit other blogger's blog. However, i really appreciate what my friend said to me and i will keep improve on it... Thanks.


Suffer from stomachache...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Just do not know why suddenly suffer from stomachache. At first, just think it is just common case, but i already go for toilet more than 5 times, so i have to take a traditional medicine. Now, i really feel comfortable than before. I just not very sure the causes of my stomachache, may be take in too many chili as i cannot take in so much chili. Hopefully recover soon.


Study week start...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Now is our campus study week, it just a week for us do all the revision about all our syllabus before we sit for our final exam. For study week, i back to Taiping and start my plan to study. Just remembered for a past few semester i just wasted my study week time, i hope i not repeat it this time.Haha... at the saturday i just reached my sweet hometown, i went to Pantai Remis to visit my grandmother just after taking a good rest. Then, at the night time, i went out with my friend who just back from Penang also and started gossip about everything. However, as we went out that time, heavy raining happened, my mood totally went down. My friend suggested go to Tesco because there have underground parking which will not affected by raining. As we reached there, we went inside "Secret Recipe", she had a "Iced Chocolate with whipped cream" drink and i had a " Yogurt mixed fruit" drink. Although such a long time no meet, but our friendship still there and we still chatted about anything. Time passed very fast, and its time to say good bye when the business time is end, then we went back home. Hopefully can maintain our friendship always. :)



By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Really i feel very tired because i have to complete many things in my life simultaneously. There are many incidents everyday in my life. Sometimes, just a simple word "okla... u likela..." can hurt someone so deep, really i do not means that and i am also not a cold blood people. We live in this world have to face to many challenges anywhere everyday such as the friendship problems, finance problems, and even looking for a true love is very hard and tired. May be sometimes when we expressed our feelings must be in indirect way, otherwise, it may already make the relationship break and always a gap at there. Why whatever i try so hard and so sincere but still no get any response from the people i wish? Even now the technologies so modern, but it cannot connect two hearts from different place. As time pass through longer and longer, the gap between 2 peoples is bigger and bigger. Really, i feel very tired do all this job. Now, just leave the memories in my mind and i only can recall the outdated memories. Until now, my heart is still bleeding, but the wound is now becoming smaller and smaller, and hoping i can totally cure from that without a scar in the heart.


Today is a wonderful day because i have finish 2 assignment presentation and my burden reduced a lot. Firstly, our group present the first assignment that was Electronic Intrumentation assignment. Our title for the assignment is "Design an Ayrton shunt multirange ammmeter".So, we will use Permanent Magnetic Moving Coil(PMMC) for our circuit.And our range of the ammeter is 0-100mA, 0-150mA and 0-300mA. Finally, we have present and test our circuit successfully. At the same time, we also have to do demonstration about our Microprocessor assignment entitled up and down on 7-segment by using Motorola 68000 based system. However, we faced some problems before present the product. However, we have make a correction about it and finish it at about 4 p.m.

What a wonderful day!