Today is a wonderful day because i have finish 2 assignment presentation and my burden reduced a lot. Firstly, our group present the first assignment that was Electronic Intrumentation assignment. Our title for the assignment is "Design an Ayrton shunt multirange ammmeter".So, we will use Permanent Magnetic Moving Coil(PMMC) for our circuit.And our range of the ammeter is 0-100mA, 0-150mA and 0-300mA. Finally, we have present and test our circuit successfully. At the same time, we also have to do demonstration about our Microprocessor assignment entitled up and down on 7-segment by using Motorola 68000 based system. However, we faced some problems before present the product. However, we have make a correction about it and finish it at about 4 p.m.

What a wonderful day!