A few weeks ago, my friend and me register to participate the campus mathematics quiz through email. Then, i just receive the response from it a few days ago...below is the email:

Good day,

Thank you for registering to participate in the UTeM Math Challenge (UTeMAC).


Your registration of UTeMAC was succeeded. Please be informed that the competiton will be held on the following:

Date : 22nd March 2008

Time : 8.30am-1.00 pm

Venue : Lecture Room 5 & 6

Industrial Campus, UTeM

Kindly, we would like to have your confirmation regarding the above matter (through email) before 21st March 2008 (Friday).

Nature of the challenge

Part A (Group)

The 60-minute test will consist of 30 multiple choice questions designed to test your Intelligent Quotient.

Part B (Individual)

The 2 hours test will consist of 13 questions designed to test knowledge and understanding in the areas of Logarithmic, Trigonometry, Number System, Integration, Differentiation, Vector and Linear Algebra.


Committee of UTeMAC

Therefore, today we go there take part in the quiz. For the part A, the quiz is test your IQ in group, we can solve it easily together. However, for the part B, it is a big tough for us because now the quiz is test maths knowledge individually. Besides, i also forget some useful formula and cannot solve a certain problems. At last, i also fill in all the answer to increase my marks because step of calculation also got marks if only the steps are correct...After the quiz, i get some experience through it, hopefully can get prize in this mathematics competition.