Today is my presentation of the first stage of my Final Year Project. My FYP is carry on the Hardware Design of the Autonomous Helicopter For Stabilization project. Basically, i will use build the helicopter based on the coaxial design which has double rotors. The main purpose of the project is to stabilize the helicopter with Genetic Algorithm method. Anyway, i have do a lot of research on the coaxial helicopter theory and its implementation. However, i face some difficulties when i try to present my advantages of my project to the FYP panels. Actually, i do nervous at the moment when the panels want to know the advantage of my project. So, i do not tell them my project is solely for educational purpose for our University Students.


Its really complicated and the thesis really make me nearly exhausted. Just looking if someone can help me...



By 飞鸿踏雪泥

I still stay at office doing some compilation on my industrial report after office hour. Besides, my dear still at KL for attending a important talk which offered by her company. Therefore, i only leave the office at about 8 o'clock. When i get my car,i founded that my car was out of battery.


Just block a security guard who pass nearby and ask him to help me push my car while i wish to try my secret technique as it will start all manual car.



Desperating and regreting - - Should off my light before leave my car

At the same time, a Naza Ria car is passed nearby, i blocked his car for assistance. So, he connected my car battery with his car battery with a jumper. After recharging my car for a few minutes, i can power on my car already.


I really appreciate and thanks Ahmad and the security guard's help.

Hope God always blessing kind peoples ^^

Note: Always double check that you have off your car light before leaving your car. If not , you will regret !



By 飞鸿踏雪泥

During my internship in Kuliom Intel, gradually i evolve to more aggresive, and more mature when handling the daily task in Intel. Sometimes, when i face some emergency problem, i just can solve it within limited time. May be you can said me lucky because i able to finish my task nicely at the right time even emergency issues. Perhaps i have some instinct in my heart when i'm doing my job and can solve it using the right way. Anyway, i learn a lot during my internship in Intel.

Now, it is about 6 weeks to come to the end of my internship in Intel. I appreciate everything learned in Intel and i admit it is a GPTW, Great Place to Work. I hope when i graduate, i wish to work in Intel. However, i rather choose IT department rather that assembly department that i currently work on. The reason is i more interested on computer. Besides, i am study the computer engineering course. Therefore, it is good that i can work at Intel again after graduated as IT engineer. I hope my wish can come true and i will try very hard to make it come true.

Keep it up!!! I want it :)