At Aun Yun's Hill

By 飞鸿踏雪泥


A dialog between brothers :)

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Keong:" Yeah ! I have get the course.".

Chee :" What course did government offer to you ?"

Keong:" O.. it is Mechatronic engineering courses which at UTeM,and what is more important i study same university with you leh..."

Chee :" Wow..that sounds good!! You can get the course you want, and we are so lucky can study at the same university"

Keong:"Ya lo...but the offer letter havent reach yet, i get know it by checking online..."

Chee :"Nevermindlo...what can we do now are waiting the offer letter lo...however, you should prepare some daily needs as soon as possible"

Keong:"Ya about we now go out survey the prices of the required items now? "

Chee :"Ok!! Let go! Go to eat Ice Kacang first, then go to surveyla.. hehe... I be the driverla...ok?

Keong:"Ok..let go!! :) "