Really i feel very tired because i have to complete many things in my life simultaneously. There are many incidents everyday in my life. Sometimes, just a simple word "okla... u likela..." can hurt someone so deep, really i do not means that and i am also not a cold blood people. We live in this world have to face to many challenges anywhere everyday such as the friendship problems, finance problems, and even looking for a true love is very hard and tired. May be sometimes when we expressed our feelings must be in indirect way, otherwise, it may already make the relationship break and always a gap at there. Why whatever i try so hard and so sincere but still no get any response from the people i wish? Even now the technologies so modern, but it cannot connect two hearts from different place. As time pass through longer and longer, the gap between 2 peoples is bigger and bigger. Really, i feel very tired do all this job. Now, just leave the memories in my mind and i only can recall the outdated memories. Until now, my heart is still bleeding, but the wound is now becoming smaller and smaller, and hoping i can totally cure from that without a scar in the heart.