Today as usual we went to play badminton at 5 pm with friends and juniors. When we are enjoying the fun of playing badminton, suddenly, we heard one junior was hit by racket on her face. I felt pity for the girl because she come to playing badminton with us for the first time. Immediately, my kind-heart friend sent them went to clinic and then back to their hostel. Anyway, we just continued to play badminton as the time was still early. When we finished, i went to change my clothes at toilet, after that, only i noticed that the door is locked. Then, i start felt nervous and knocked the door to attract my friends' attention. About 5 minutes, then they came and said there are a way out because the place is still under construct. What a unforgetable day!!!


Happy birthday to my friends

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Today is my friend's birthday,Wei Ee. So, for this time we celebrate it with a different way. I still remember every friend's birthday, we will go to celebrate it at outside but different for this time. We total have 16 peoples to join it. Therefore, we plan to celebrate it at our house as we have moved out from our hostel. We will have very delicious dinner that conducted by Dezmond, Chong Kai, Hooi Fen and Siew Joo. A suggested menu are fried chicken, potato fries, nugget, hotdog, jelly, and steamboat. The party will start at 7.00 p.m.After we have discussed, we will celebrate two friends' birthday at today that are Wei Ee and May Hui birthday. Anyway, happy birthday to them .



An inccident

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After we finished our lecture, we planned to go for our lunch. But we saw my Malay friends' car can't start the engine because her car ran out of batteries. Therefore, one of my friend had take the driver seat and set the gear to 2 ( It is a manual gear car), and we push the car from behind. With enough acceleration of the car, finally the car engine had been start successfully. I hope they will go to check up their car at car service centre nearby as soon as possible to maintain her car's performance. :)



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我与我的死党提早出发到达目的地时,当时的人潮就已人山人海。炎热的天气令在那儿等候的人们个个汗流浃背,苦不堪言。终于等到下午三点了,主办当局要求人们守秩序排成三排,接着每个人须填写个人资料并拿出身份证给主办当局过目就可以索得两张票了。由于人潮很多,所以那些没有索到票的人不要气馁,可以于8月16号在马六甲皇冠百利广场大厅MAHKOTA PARADE, MELAKA下午三点索票。


  • 免费索票
  • 限定每人只限索取2张票
  • 主办当局建议12岁以下儿童不入场
  • 先到先得,送完为止



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八,就算是Believe 中间也藏了一个lie。


A week already over...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥


Today is the first day of my new semester, and is the start of my 5th semester. However, there is no much surprise in my university as the new equipment have not been added. However, there was new face of students in campus area which received the university offered course.


Already a week past in UTeM, no much knowledges i had learnt for the lecture. However the some course's assignment title have been given, my group title is " The Ghost Buster". Therefore, we have to find out a circuit of EMF detector as it used to detect existence of ghost. It can be said quite challenging for me.Haiz...


Yesterday , i just moved into a new house that located in Batu Berendam, Malacca. The location now different compared to last location, Bukit Beruang. Now, every time we have to go out must drive car even go to take a meal. Luckily the transportation is no a problem to us because got 2 cars in my house. The environment now is different because we now stay in a rented house. We have to consider water and electricity usage compared to last time stay at government department. Therefore, we will use it wisely, otherwise we will soon run out our pocket money. Now, PTPTN still no debit into our account. I hope it will debit soon because we all need it. Cheers for my new house! Yeah!