Now is our campus study week, it just a week for us do all the revision about all our syllabus before we sit for our final exam. For study week, i back to Taiping and start my plan to study. Just remembered for a past few semester i just wasted my study week time, i hope i not repeat it this time.Haha... at the saturday i just reached my sweet hometown, i went to Pantai Remis to visit my grandmother just after taking a good rest. Then, at the night time, i went out with my friend who just back from Penang also and started gossip about everything. However, as we went out that time, heavy raining happened, my mood totally went down. My friend suggested go to Tesco because there have underground parking which will not affected by raining. As we reached there, we went inside "Secret Recipe", she had a "Iced Chocolate with whipped cream" drink and i had a " Yogurt mixed fruit" drink. Although such a long time no meet, but our friendship still there and we still chatted about anything. Time passed very fast, and its time to say good bye when the business time is end, then we went back home. Hopefully can maintain our friendship always. :)