By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Recently many things have to do and complete in a same time. It always happen near the end of the semester. Many assignments have to be submit by this week and also have 3 test more in this week also, so, i totally no time to update my blog. I apologize for friends that leave comments on my blog but i do not reply it because too busy. Hope my blogger friends understand my recent situation. I almost crazy because many books have to be revised in order to get flying colour result in my test, really hope my effort will lead to excellent result.

Thanks for all my blogger friends that always support me.


A terrible day...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Just yesterday, when we were back from campus and start rest at hostel, suddenly i received a news said that my friends had lost their laptop!!! "What??Their laptop??", then , i asking for more information and knew that my 2 friends already lost their laptop, that means lost 2 laptops...

After listening to this bad news, i feel very angry to the thief and feel pity to my friends...And just less than 3 hours, we would have an examination of microprocessor, i really hope this accident will not affect their performance when they were taking the test.

Why their laptop being stolen? No one know the answer, may be the thief have spot the target and planning for it over a period. Hope this nightmare will not and should not happen again!!!


Birthday party...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Yesterday, we go to friend's birthday party. Actually, yesterday is his sister 21 years old birthday, so she ask her brother invites all his friends come to her birthday party. When we reach there, her house is crowded by peoples. What we happy was there are many beautiful girls at there. Then, we start to take our food just like self service. Yummy...the dishes was so delicious and i ate so much compared to my friends. However, yesterday night is a raining day and totally no beautiful night view, what a waste! After filled our hungry appetite, we all guys were taking photos, gossiping about anythingla... bla..bla..bla... just maintain the good moods...

About 10 p.m, the peoples are getting loose and we also said good bye to he and his sister before going back to our home.


Our campus Mathematic Quiz

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

A few weeks ago, my friend and me register to participate the campus mathematics quiz through email. Then, i just receive the response from it a few days ago...below is the email:

Good day,

Thank you for registering to participate in the UTeM Math Challenge (UTeMAC).


Your registration of UTeMAC was succeeded. Please be informed that the competiton will be held on the following:

Date : 22nd March 2008

Time : 8.30am-1.00 pm

Venue : Lecture Room 5 & 6

Industrial Campus, UTeM

Kindly, we would like to have your confirmation regarding the above matter (through email) before 21st March 2008 (Friday).

Nature of the challenge

Part A (Group)

The 60-minute test will consist of 30 multiple choice questions designed to test your Intelligent Quotient.

Part B (Individual)

The 2 hours test will consist of 13 questions designed to test knowledge and understanding in the areas of Logarithmic, Trigonometry, Number System, Integration, Differentiation, Vector and Linear Algebra.


Committee of UTeMAC

Therefore, today we go there take part in the quiz. For the part A, the quiz is test your IQ in group, we can solve it easily together. However, for the part B, it is a big tough for us because now the quiz is test maths knowledge individually. Besides, i also forget some useful formula and cannot solve a certain problems. At last, i also fill in all the answer to increase my marks because step of calculation also got marks if only the steps are correct...After the quiz, i get some experience through it, hopefully can get prize in this mathematics competition.


还记得小时候和家人一起看着一部连续剧,那是一部很感人的戏,直到今天我还记忆犹新,那就是 "青青河边草", 我尤其对它的主题曲情有独钟,小时候是。。。现在也是。。。





青青河边草 悠悠天不老
野火烧不尽 风雨吹不倒

青青河边草 绵绵到海角
海角路不尽 相思情未了

青青河边草 悠悠天不老
野火烧不尽 风雨吹不倒
青青河边草 绵绵到海角
海角路不尽 相思情未了


青青河边草 悠悠天不老
野火烧不尽 风雨吹不倒

青青河边草 绵绵到海角
海角路不尽 相思情未了

青青河边草 悠悠天不老
野火烧不尽 风雨吹不倒
青青河边草 绵绵到海角
海角路不尽 相思情未了


青青河边草 悠悠天不老
野火烧不尽 风雨吹不倒
青青河边草 悠悠天不老
野火烧不尽 风雨吹不倒
啦啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦啦啦...




At Sushi King

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

At Sushi King, my friends and i eat a lot of sushi, below is some of the nice picture o :)


Finish 1 test lo...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Today got "Relationship of ethnic" test, all students get a different set of questions to avoid we exchange or copy answer from friends nearby...

Luckily, my preparation is done well and can answer all the question. However if want to score 20/20 , i think should be no problems...

Thinking too much, the marks will given depends on lecturer's judgement ... i hope can get 20/20 because this test cost 20% of the subject...



By 飞鸿踏雪泥





Wow..tomorrow got 2 test...one is “Relationship of ethnic" and another one is " Microprocessor 68k", for the first test is 20% and second test is 10% of final marks...must push very hard to score...crazy test at crazy time...otherwise may be hard to score the "A" for these subjects...

Ya, keep it up!!!






艾滋病毒只能在血液和体液中活的细胞中生存,不能在空气中、水中和食物中存活,离开了血液和体液,这些病毒会很快死亡。只有带病毒的血液或体液从一个人体 内直接进入到另一个人体内时才能传播。它也和乙肝病毒一样,进入消化道后就会被消化道内的蛋白酶所破坏。因此,日常生活中的接触,如:握手,接吻,共餐, 生活在同一房间或办公室,接触电话、门把、便具,接触汗液或泪液等都不会感染艾滋病。

,一般爱滋病患者的血液离开病人身体10分钟后, 爱滋病毒就立即死亡了,除非将血液冷冻保存,或者艾滋病人直接从身上抽血并马上注入 你的体内才可能传染。所以,想要拿着爱滋针看谁不顺眼就扎谁、传染给他是不可能实现的。要么他身边带个冰库,要么他先自己抽血再扎人,如果真那样,人家早 就逃掉了,还等着扎啊!

,要真正被感染爱滋也非件容易的事。因为只有病毒达到一定数量以后才会感染,而一般这样的人基本都是晚期,除了一些终日缩在房屋里面的吸 毒,卖淫的人。其他这个程度的感染者已经很严重了,是没有精神再在大街上跑到的了。而这里所讲的病毒数量一般存在于5ml血液左右。作为一个正常、健康的 活人你会让另一个人给你注射5ml而停在那里不动?所以,即使有人给你注射你也别怕,赶紧跑不得了。


所以,人们可能对消息难辨真伪,但是我们不由得联想到2001年底-2002年初流传的关于河南籍感染者在天津和北京扎针传播艾滋病病毒的传言;当时引发了巨大 的社会恐慌,并传说多多。但是,有一点是明确的,传言发生的时候正值河南省因当年卖血导致艾滋病大流行。那么,本次传言是否也隐含某种严重的情况



Just in a few days, my friends and me together finished the group assignments...although the number of assignment has been decreased but still have some haven't finish yet...tired lo...meanwhile, i am so tired because just someone always run inside my memories and we are now in a different country... i hope i can see her soon..very soon...so, i have to plan to work during holiday and go to Singapore look for her, i hope she can accept me...

When i am tired, i always being push by future scene, i believe i can create my future with my mind and determination...

When i am tired, i always think of her smile, then my tiredness will become nothing at all, i can continue to do the works again...

I hope all this tiredness will be disappear soon :)


Just morning received a email and tell me not to eat the oreo cookies...then i go to check it online..i get the following info from BBC(http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3025259.stm)
Luckily, i seldom eat oreo, if not ...

Below is the article from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3025259.stm, just post it for my friends knowledge...

Lawyer attacks US cookie(Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 May, 2003, 20:30 GMT 21:30 UK)
Oreo cookies and logo

A lawyer has begun trying to force Oreo cookies - one of the most popular biscuits in America - off the shelves in America's most populous state.

British-born attorney Stephen Joseph says an ingredient in the sandwich biscuits can damage people's health in ways little understood by the general public.

The ingredient, hydrogenated vegetable oil - also known as trans fat - has been the subject of warnings by the US National Academy of Sciences and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Kraft Foods, which makes the biscuit, says the suit is baseless.

Trans fats are placed into food to increase shelf life, but they decrease human life
BanTransFats website

But Mr Joseph argues that trans fats "reduce human life".

"Trans fats cause significant and serious lowering of HDL (good) cholesterol and a significant and serious increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol; major clogging of arteries; type 2 diabetes; and other serious health problems.

"Trans fats are placed into food to increase shelf life, but they decrease human life," his website, BanTransFats, claims.

Mr Joseph filed suit in California under a law that makes manufacturers responsible for products if they are not "known to be unsafe by the ordinary consumer".

'No amount safe'

The National Academy of Sciences said last year that "no amount of trans fat was safe".

The FDA urges Americans to consume as little trans fat as possible.

You can make a cookie without trans fat but what you're trading off is the unique taste and texture that people have come to expect
Michael Mudd,
Kraft senior vice-president

There are no regulations requiring food manufacturers to draw attention to trans fat in their products.

It is present in untold numbers of processed foodstuffs.

Mr Joseph says he hopes to force manufacturers to switch to other types of fat.

Frito-Lay, a leading US crisp manufacturer owned by PepsiCo, announced last year that it was switching to corn oil.

McDonald's is reducing the amount of trans fat in its products by nearly half, it has said.

Exploring alternatives

A senior official at Kraft said the company is "exploring ways to reduce trans fat in Oreos".

But Michael Mudd, Kraft senior vice-president for corporate affairs, told the Reuters news agency that changing the recipe would affect the flavour of the biscuits.

"You can make a cookie without trans fat but what you're trading off is the unique taste and texture that people have come to expect," he said.

The company says it has sold more than 450 billion Oreos since they were introduced in 1912.

Kraft's parent company, Altria Group, is very familiar with lawsuits alleging that its products are unsafe.

Altria owns cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris USA, the subject of many such suits.



餅干零食 , 向來是消費市場裡的主力之一 。近來網路上卻流傳著一張剪報 , 呼籲大家「這種餅干不要吃」--是什麼餅干 ? 為什麼不可以吃 ? 真的嗎 ?

看原信 : 網路郵件上的剪報 , 出自香港版蘋果日報2003年5月14日的報導 。(台灣版的請參見 : 加州律師訴請禁吃Oreo)

BBC就有發布這一則消息(從BBC的新聞裡看到 , 路透社應該也有發布這個新聞) 。(參見 : Lawyer attacks US cookie)

在媒體發布的這則消息裡 , 律師指控OREO餅干裡含有的轉化脂肪(Trans fats 台灣這邊似翻譯為反式脂脂) , 可引致心臟病等疾病 。

律師提出兩個依據 :

1.國家科學院研究指「沒有一個份量的轉化脂肪是安全的」 。

這兩點都並非無的放矢 。國家科學研究院的研究 , 請參見 : National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine,Letter Report on Trans Fatty Acids: FDA's Next Steps

FDA對轉化脂肪也做出規範 , 要求食品標示上 , 必須明確的標出含量 。參見 : FDA對trans fat的建議

調查至此 , 我們很自然的想到 , 那麼 , 國內為什麼沒有針對這項成分進行規範呢 ? 還沒打電話 , 就發現蘋果日報在去年消息見報隔日 , 已經去問過衛生署了 。(參見 : OREO餅乾國內無法可管)

據蘋果的報導 , 衛生署表示無法可管 , 網站上也沒有這方面的規範與建議 。因此 , 在這個問題上 , 只能請大家參考「FDA對Trans Fat的建議」--「盡量減少進食」 。(FDA並沒有說完全不可食 , 理由是對這類脂肪的攝取無法完全避免 。)

值得注意的是 , FDA的建議不是僅針對某一個品牌的食品 , 而是所有含有轉化脂肪的食物 。事實上 , 在便利超商或量販店裡的陳列架上 , 不只是OREO , 還有不少品項的零食都含有TRANS FATS 。

我們在便利商品隨手查了幾樣零食的標籤 , 由於我們這邊缺乏規範 , 廠商當然也少有乖乖標示的 。提供大家一些辨認的方式 , TRANS FAT又叫hydrogenated palm oil , 翻成中文 , 有的廠商會標示「氫化植物油」 , 有的則寫「氫化棕櫚油」 。這些還屬於比較好辨識的 , 有的則只寫植物乳化油(Vegetable shortenings)或寫成植物酥油 。

不過 , 不管怎麼寫 , 由於廠商都沒有單獨標示出trans fat的含量 。因此 , 你頂多能知道吃進肚子裡的東西有什麼 , 但對於因健康因素 , 而有必要控制飲食中trans fat量的人而言 。我們也只能說 , 還是少碰為妙 。(要更深入辨視標籤上的TRANS FAT , 可參見 : Understanding trans fat on food labels)

另外值得一提的是 , 或許是受到即將面臨的法律訟訴壓力 , 製造OREO的廠商KRAFT已在去年7月時宣布將減少食品中TRANS FAT的分量 。(參見 : Kraft plans to cut snack sizes)

想進一步了解怎樣吃才健康 , 也可以參考以下兩個網站 :

總而言之 , 綜合各方的資訊與專家的建言 , 也不是完全不能吃 , 謠言信上說被「封殺」也是不正確的 。但是 , 請大家注意食物中的TRANS FATS含量是沒錯的 。在購買零食時 , 多研究一下食品成份標示 , 對於自己的健康就能多一分掌握 。

補充 : 在回覆網友的報案信件時才發現 , 由於OREO的這一則報導 , 網路上有另一封依此而衍生的信件如下 :


這種油也是一般的植物奶油的主要成 分(想想植物油怎麼可能變奶油嘛!當然有問題) 但是吃下人體之後,人體無法辨認這種油並且無法吸收,會黏滯在血管璧, 久而久之,我們的 血管就會像餐廳的牆壁一樣沾滿了油污尤其是微血管, 因為細小,就很 容易被這種油所堵住,腦部的微血管被堵住後就容易中風了手腳末梢的血管被堵住後,


其實如果可能的話,儘可能用橄欖油煎炒東西,橄欖油主要成份是Omega 3號油,這種油在人體內會自動合成DHA,可以增加腦部神經細胞的連結,會讓人變聰明.

這些是我聽新飲食文化協會會長,廖建民,在健康的早餐演講中聽到的OREO餅乾不要吃 !

基本上 , 餐廳都是用什麼油來炒菜 , 我們並不清楚 。根據FDA的資料 , 氫化油主要出現在下列食物中 :
植物性起酥油、某些人造奶油、餅乾、小點心及所有使用氫化油為成份或料理的食物中 。(Vegetable shortenings, some margarines, crackers, cookies, snack foods, and other foods made with or fried in partially hydrogenated oils.)

不過 , 依據目前已知的文獻 , 氫化油只被證明與心血管類疾病的發生機率有相關 。我們並沒有看過會造成「不孕」的報告 。

2004年8月13日補述 :
有些網友表示「哇 , 那是不是都不能吃了 。」這個反應 , 也讓我們很「震驚」 。我們在原報告中已經不斷強調了 , 從已知的資料來看 , 我們並沒有辦法得到這麼絕對的結論 。請大家再推敲一次NAS報告的說法吧 , 我把原文抄錄於下 :
The NAS Letter Report underscores the relationship between the intake of trans fat and the increased risk for heart disease and emphasizes that consumers need to limit trans fat in their diets.

大家可以看到 , NAS用的詞語是「限制」(limit)而不是「禁止」(ban)。NAS的報告也有可能被更新、更完整的研究所推翻 。因此 , 請大家不必過度的恐慌吧 。

2004年8月19日補述 :
謝謝網友指正 , 「製造OREO的廠商KRAFT已在去年7月時宣布將減少食品中TRANS FAT的分量 。(參見 : Kraft plans to cut snack sizes)」這一句話的翻譯確實有誤 , 新聞中是報導KRAFT要減少產品的份量 , 並沒有特別提到反式脂肪 。淡水河將這個消息跟別的中文消息搞混了 。

參見 :


Actually, my friends recommend a useful website to me. It is about to help blogger or website owner to keep track of visitor,then can identify which link is being click or not. I just installed the code in my blog today. the website is


Firstly, as usual we have to register itlo...then install the code into the website or blog.Then, we can start to monitor our blog soon. In my opinion, i prefer to use the service because it update fast compared to google analytics. So, for who haven't do that can try itla...or someone have some website service that better than it, please tell me o...THANKS :)


These pictures are entirely made with food. Fabulous!!!!!

Look at the tablecloth and the chair !!! Made of cheese !!!

So beautiful o, it is the art...
How do you all thinks?


Coming back from Johor

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Just sunday, my friends and i just come back from Johor. And when we come back the time, we being informed that that day is our friend, En Yi birthday. Therefore, we direct go to the place where the birthday was celebrated.

Hehe, about 11 pm, we reach there and noticed that no one come yet. I make a call to ask the situation and then know they just coming because waiting us to celebrate En Yi's birthday. Thats good!Then, we go inside the "Mori Cafe"(魔力点子)...

Inside got 1 boy and 1 girl singing the modern songs, i feel so good.After a certain time, we sing birthday song for En Yi's best wishes...

Then, our guys start ate cakes...so delicious o...later i play poker with my friends...aiya..never win a round in the game...

About 1230am,we all feel tired and go back to hostel...although we feel tired, but it is worth that we can celebrate our friend's birthday...

Friendship forever:)


Waiting for you

By 飞鸿踏雪泥


waiting for you i'm waiting for you
waiting for you kiss me at the night
为何你cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you i'm waiting for you
waiting for you come here to my dream
waiting for you waiting for you

waiting for you i'm waiting for you
waiting for you kiss me at the night
为何你cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you

waiting for you waiting for you
waiting for you
waiting for you i'm waiting for you
waiting for you kiss me at the night
为何你cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you i'm waiting for you
waiting for you come here to my dream
waiting for you waiting for you
waiting for you



Today i wake up at 7 o'clock to prepare myself go to class because the class start earlier that is from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. However, when i done all my preparation, a call coming that sounds "class cancel", i almost faint down at the moment. "Again cancel class" is running in my mind, then when to replace the class o?? Haiz...... i have to study myselflo....otherwise, hard to score in final test...