Yesterday, my friends that came from Johor wished to visit Malacca. They have told me the plan about 1 month ago. Therefore, victor and me borrowed friend's car and went to fetch them at the Ayeh Keroh toll. It was about 1115 when we fetched them.Then, we tried to take them look around our campus, UTeM landscape. After that, we recommend Chicken Ball Rice at Batu Berendam which is delicious to them because they were hungry. After filled up our stomach, we directly went to Malacca town and took them visit the St Paul Church, Red House Area and took many memorable photos.About 1500, we went to Dataran Pahlawan Mall to have some cool air because the weather was so hot. Then, we had our tea time at Wang Kok Restaurants. We did enjoy the drinks and foods at the moment.About 1700,we went to Jonker Street to let my friends saw through the speciality of the street. They were enjoy in windows shopping. Then, we went to eat Satay Celup at Capaitol which is famous in Malacca.However, we really had not enjoy our satay celup due to the time passed very fast. Due to road block, they nearly missed the last bus back to Johor. Fortunately, the bus havent set off when we reached Malacca Central.

I really appreaciate my friends' half day trip, hope they enjoy it !!


1st time cook...

By 飞鸿踏雪泥

Our lunch just now was very simple,it just a plate of scramble eggs and vegetables. My friend, HF and SJ cooked it. However, they are first time make the dishes by using electric stove, so the dishes may be not as good as they expected. Anyway, i do appreciate what they have done. Gambateh my friends ^^

Hoping next time will be better :)