During my internship in Kuliom Intel, gradually i evolve to more aggresive, and more mature when handling the daily task in Intel. Sometimes, when i face some emergency problem, i just can solve it within limited time. May be you can said me lucky because i able to finish my task nicely at the right time even emergency issues. Perhaps i have some instinct in my heart when i'm doing my job and can solve it using the right way. Anyway, i learn a lot during my internship in Intel.

Now, it is about 6 weeks to come to the end of my internship in Intel. I appreciate everything learned in Intel and i admit it is a GPTW, Great Place to Work. I hope when i graduate, i wish to work in Intel. However, i rather choose IT department rather that assembly department that i currently work on. The reason is i more interested on computer. Besides, i am study the computer engineering course. Therefore, it is good that i can work at Intel again after graduated as IT engineer. I hope my wish can come true and i will try very hard to make it come true.

Keep it up!!! I want it :)


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