My internship start at Intel technology which located at Kulim Hi-Tech park. First day went to there with my friend, Yung Ling. We wait at KM 2 lobby for our buddy to come to fetch us to report to our supervisors. About half an hours, our buddy come and guide us to our cubicle at 2nd floor of the KM 2. I had been notified that i will be helping my buddy, Chee yit Leng as an epoxy intern. Due to she is busy ,so she gave me a manual about the machine that will be used in future. So, i just read through it and actually really no idea about it. After my lunch time, my buddy then explain my role and responsibilities to me as an intern epoxy. She told me epoxy actually is a polymer glue that bond two diffrent materials side or same materials to a single materials.

However, it is need a lot of procedures to prepare a complete chip before sell it to the market. So, she as an engineer only manage her process only. She add on also sure soon i will become very busy after i catch up.

Ok, i will catch up and do as good as possible.